The Sacred Prostitute (Sacred Feminine experiential workshop)
to Mar 11

The Sacred Prostitute (Sacred Feminine experiential workshop)

This 2  full days transformational workshop will guide us through a communal experience into exploring our wounds, our potential, and healing of our relationship with our bodies, our minds, and our hearts. Diving into the shadows to rebirth in the light of our own sacredness.

We begin with a short recapitulation of history of the sacred feminine and the nature of female power.  

We move into our exploration of pleasure with meditations and partner work and processes for healing negative conditioning and releasing guilt and shame.

We will share tools to help you drop into your embodied power and dissolve inner blocks Diving into ecstatic embodiment and purpose alignment, to cultivate clarity, inspiration and personal power.

We complete the journey with a Moon Lodge to seal in the work, raising the energy UP through our bodies and anchor in our intentions for the next step on our path


Confirmation and registration with: Aixa:

Nathalie: or Jean:

Contribution: $150 - includes materials

Upon confirmation you will receive the Location, schedule of activities and what to bring with you list.

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