• Provide help and support to a mother who has been put on bed rest or is experiencing a high risk-pregnancy.
  • Provide informational, emotional, physical and practical support in circumstances that are often stressful, confusing and emotionally draining . 


One way to describe a doula's role is that she "Mothers the Mother."

Prenatal Doula services are excellent for pregnant moms who are on bed rest, single moms, or who need some extra nurturing and alleviation from daily stresses.
Depending on your preferences, our prenatal Doula services may include:

  • Preparation of nutrient dense meals (meat, vegetarian or vegan)
  • Guided meditation for pregnancy
  • Soothing foot soaks
  • Therapeutic Touch and energy balancing
  • Herbal infusion preparations
  • Private, holistic childbirth preparation classes

Prenatal Doula services are booked by the hour with a 3 hour minimum per visit.

pregnancy Belly casting

A beautiful way to remember your beautiful regnant body. 

A three- dimensional plaster sculpture of your torso and abdomen made toward the end of you third trimester, or a series or cast can be made during different stages of your pregnancy. The cast is made by preparing the skin with a coating of organic oils to lubricate and protect your delicate skin and strips of wet plaster gauze are added covering your abdomen and torso to make a cast. It takes between 20-30 minutes for the plaster to set, once is ready the cast is removed gently and put to dry, i takes around 48 hours for the cast to be completely dry and can be kept as is or painted, decoupaged or decorated after. 

The baby's father, siblings or family can actively participate in the cast making, you also can make it part of your baby shower or Mother Blessing

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