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It is with great respect and gratitude we send this invitation for this new cycle around the Medicine Wheel of the Vision Quest 'Hamblecheyapi'—Crying for a Vision. 

From the mountain comes a song of clarity and new visions, direction of purpose in this walk of life, the strong medicine of being one with all that is…. 

What is a Vision Quest? 

Since the beginning of this cycle of time, humanity has returned to nature to connect with spirit and to seek answers to the questions of their hearts, looking to find a better understanding of our place or pathway in the word. 

The Vision Quest is one of the oldest tools used by tribal people to search for direction in life; it involves 4 days of fasting, praying and being in nature, a journey alone into the wilderness seeking personal growth and spiritual guidance from the Great Spirit. 

In a vision quest, conditions are set up that allow the soul to move beyond the illusions of the little self and enter the unity of the inner universe. It is a period of solitude in which we seek an inner revelation - a vision -which grants profound meaning and direction to our life. 

There is something about being alone in the wilderness that brings us closer and more aware of the 4 elements and our connection to a creational source. We go to seek truths and divine realization, just as many of the ancient prophets did in their time. It is an individual experience and often subject to the emotional, spiritual, and physical makeup of the person. 

This initiation leads to maturity and an understanding of the responsibility to ourselves, our society, our natural environment, and our soul.

This year looking with love to direction of the South, the sacred breath of life, the wind. At the peak of the Sun’s journey through the sky, the South is the place that receives the most light; it is responsible for the growth and flowerings of all living beings, life is busy developing and expanding. We too are growing; perhaps in awareness, in experience or in understanding. 

South energy is manifested in the willpower and the ability to move forward after the challenges. Relationships are one of the prominent features in the South, is most often associated with the “flowing” of emotions. It symbolizes our inner child, our core wounds and the rediscovery of child-like wonder. The colors that represent the south in different traditions are red, blue, green and white; some of the animals that represent the south in different medicine wheels are, the coyote, the woodpecker, the hummingbird, the salmon, and the jaguar. 

Blessings to all your lives and dreams, 


La Magica

La Magica



We will be holding this Ceremony on the beautiful island of the Taíno People, Borikén (Land of the Valiant Lord), today known as Puerto Rico. After the many events that have taken place in this blessed Island in the past few months, thanks to the loving and dedicated efforts by the community and the guardians of the Vision Quest land, “La Magica” will be opening her arms once again to receive us in prayer to continue this new cycle of Vision Quest. 

“La Magica” lies in the Northwest area of Borikén on 80 acres of pristine mountain and valley land by Arecibo.

How To Participate 

To take part in the vision quest you can choose from 2 alternatives: 

As a Vision Quester 

You will be taken to a safe place in the forest, staying out in the wilderness for 4 days and 4 nights, fast with no water and no food, to pray and meditate. 

The Vision Quest is a journey undertaken to meet and consciously integrate your own mysteries and awareness. It is your personal encounter with your fears, weaknesses and uncertainties. Through this encounter you reveal to yourself your insights, wisdom and light. It is part of your declaration to your community that you choose to become a vital force in your community in your new life status. It is your vehicle for setting in motion your own processes for self-renewal and healing. 

*You must be a supporter for at least one year in camp before going to the mountain as a Vision Quester. 

**You must be willing to fulfill a 4 years commitment to the vision quest, one year for each direction of the Medicine Wheel. 

*** You must have a supporter in camp for the entire vision quest time, every year that you go up the mountain. Questers without a personal supporter will be asked to stay in camp and support for that year. 

As a Supporter 

You will walk along side of the visionaries, helping us take them through the steps of preparation and severance; safeguarding the process and watching over them in service and collective understanding, eating and drinking for one of the visionaries, you will help that person go through this experience feeling cherished, protected and loved. You will hold the energy for those going out in the quest, you will help sustain and nurture them, by staying in the main camp, praying, attending the sweat lodges, ceremonies and different activities. 

During the Vision Quest the supporters participate in the chores of the camp and assist in activities like fire keeping, cooking, kitchen chores, cleaning and other service time, there is also space for yoga, exercise, song circle, dance, conversation, teachings and fun activities as well. 

As supporters we receive the blessing of a very unique community experience. 


Please confirm your interest in participating by emailing 



Participation Contribution 

For Adult Vision questers and Supporters Information will be sent in a separate email once you have confirmed your intention to participate. 

Deposit of 50% of the contribution by Feb 28, 2019 is required to confirm participation. 

*This contribution does not include airfares or transportation within Puerto Rico 


• 1 All night Prayer ceremony 

• 4 sweat lodges 

• 1 Medicine lodge 

• Camping space: meaning a clear space around camp area that is near outdoor 

showers, outdoor sanitary service, and outdoor community kitchen. 

(You bring your own camping tent and gear). 

• 3 basic Meals a day (supporters take turns at the kitchen). 


• 1 All night Prayer ceremony. 

• Beginning and ending sweat lodge 

• 4 nights on the mountain 

• Medicine Blessing on the 3rd day 

• Opening and Closing feast. 

• Camping space 


• Children 12-18 years old required a small contribution, this includes camping space and meals. 

• Children under 12 years old do not have a set amount contribution, voluntary donations to help with the food is appreciated, and bring some of their favorite foods to keep them healthy and happy. 

• The Vision quest requires lots of presence and attention and although our kids are integral part and welcome to all ceremonies, sometimes the activities and experiences can interfere with your ability to tend to you child, please make sure to make previous arrangements with other participants to take care of children.