Vision quest

information about our upcoming 2018 Vision Quest

Since the beginning of this cycle of time, humanity has returned to nature to connect with spirit and to seek answers to the questions of their hearts, looking to find a better understanding of our place or pathway in the word.

The Vision Quest is one of the oldest tools used by tribal people to search for direction in life; it involves 4 days of fasting, praying and being in nature, a journey alone into the wilderness seeking personal growth and spiritual guidance from the Great Spirit.

In a vision quest, conditions are set up that allow the soul to move beyond the illusions of the little self and enter the unity of the inner whole. It is a period of solitude in which we seek an inner revelation - a vision - which grants profound meaning and direction to our life. 

There is something about being alone in the wilderness that brings us closer and more aware of the 4 elements and our connection to a creational source. We go to seek truths and divine realization, just as many of the ancient prophets did in their time.

It is an individual experience and often subject to the emotional, spiritual, and physical make-up of the person. 

This initiation leads to maturity and an understanding of the responsibility toward us, our society, our natural environment, and our soul.

Blessings to all your lives and dreams, 


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