As a TDA Doula I acknowledge that the immediate postpartum period is a continuation of the birth ceremony and it is my goal to encourage and support the postpartum family in the process of caring for the mother and help on her recovery. Through the Postpartum Mother Embrace  and other postpartum care services I aim to create a safe nurturing space for the postpartum family to rejuvenate and bond with the new baby/ies, and process the birth on the emotional, physical and spiritual levels. All of my postpartum doula services are tailored to each family’s needs, bringing education, information and practical help.

Depending on your preferences our Postpartum Doula Services:

  • Provide help and support in the first weeks after becoming a mother: providing tools for self care as well as different services to pamper and support the healing process.
  • Provide informational support about feeding and caring for the baby: 

-Breastfeeding support and basic information                                               

-Babywearing education and support                                                           

-Natural baby care information

  • Provides emotional, spiritual and physical support to the postpartum client and the family
  • Assit mom, companion and other family members with the transition of having a new baby.

For Information and prices on Postpartum Doula Services